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Charlie says

"Great Product and Service"

I ordered these from Australia and all worked out great.  I was sent a Picture of the Product and Package with Tracking number before they shipped it.  Communication was also very good.  I like the Glasses and the fact that they came with Original BOX, Soft case, Hard Case, and original packaging.  Would recommend


Henry says

"This is the best smelling cologne ever! I use it often and get compliments on it everytime. It's a must have for me!"

This is such a beautiful fragrance. It lasts a long time and I get many people asking what I'm wearing.
The X-mas special/discount for this product has been nothing but an icing on the cake for me also. Thanks for carrying such Amazing good product.


James says

"desire blue,simply the best !!!!!!!"

t's simply good , unique and irreplaceble. A perfume with an excelent bottle presentation and everytime my friend uses it, the smell in the air is atonishing. the best perfume ever!!!!


Robert says

"Favorite men's cologne of all and we've tried a lot"

We've been through at least 10 men's colognes and EDT sprays and this is definitely our favorite - fresh, a bit green, absolutely nothing "exotic," cloying or offensive. Smells great the way a man should smell!


Kristi says


Bought as a christmas gift but my daughter loves it
Have always loved this light floral fragrance, A classic scent. Hard to find in US. A favorite of my daughter,

glad to find a reasonably priced source at


Edvin says

"Elegant Lady Choice, Nice Size for the Price & Get a Lot of Compliments!"

Purchased on For Gifts for my wife. she get some many compliments ever time I wear it. It is 100% original..


Kara says

"Lovely, romantic, mysterious scent. Good for evening use, but light enough for day time as well. My new favorite Creed perfume!"

Fleurs de Gardenia is such a beautiful mix of familiar and interesting notes that work so well together.  The gardenia is subtle and fresh and I love fostermd's describing it as an abstract interpretation of gardenia.


Ara says

"Love this fresh, pretty scent"

One of the perfumes that never fails to be noticed or to have multiple compliments. LoveLoveLove it.
We always believe Dior! Amazing smell !! Amazing zone!! Amazing!!!


Mark says

"Absolutely beautiful and long lasting perfume."

I have tried hard and this perfume is the winner of collecting compliments from women


Mark says

"Smells amazing and get compliments all the time"

Smells amazing and get compliments all the time.
Excellent leather fragrance. High quality and performs above par. If you like a leather fragrance with some sweetness, get Oud saphir.


Carla says

"Awesome Products at Great Price. Thanks"

Skin is instantly refreshed and looks rested. Diminishes the look of dark circles and puffiness.


Brittany says

"Okay for light makeup cleaning"

I bought the small size one for travel use. It works well for light makeup since I don't want to carry large bottles of makeup removers. Does its job. Easy to carry. Great Service by


James says

"advanced protective and anti-aging Eye Care"

ultra-fresh, lightweight gel texture that allows for easy, quick absorption


Carla says

"A floral woody fragrance for modern women"

Absolutely LOVE this perfume!
Very floral and woody
The lasting power is 6 hours
The silage is good
Love it!


Maria says

"Long lasting fragrance for all skin types. Original Women Perfume. THANKS"

I am so in love with all of Versace's fragrances. I usually twitch at the thought of white florals or gourmand elements, but I really enjoy both Woman and Vanitas.


Michael says

"I feel and smell like 1 Milli ! this scent is awesome. I got a few cologne's to add to my arsenal."

I get a lot a lot a lot of compliments from women and guys. I got asked like 10 x's what i was wearing the first night i wore Paco. The scent stays on you for a while. It is a very easy and smooth smell. real deal product and great price.


Kristen says

"Nice Smelling Calvin Klein Perfume, Absolutely loved this gift sets"

I really like this perfume a lot. My kind of scent that I usually go for. Soft yet somewhat alluring. I recommend for anyone that likes a softer sweeter scent.
It's a woodsy scent that catches your attention; I can easily smell the cedarwood. It's a clean fragrance.


Smary says

"Best Perfume I've Ever Owned. Intoxicating and sexy! Not too sweet like some floral scents"

This perfume is in one word amazing. I have been looking for this perfume for a reasonable price for a looong time. I myself live in Europe and this perfume is almost priceless there. This is a great product for a great price with it's great smell made from all these different flowers. This perfume ís a flowerbomb!


David says

"This J'adore Eau De Toilette Smells wonderful, my Wife loves it"

I purchased this for my Wife for Christmas and she loved it. thanks

My opinion there is not a more beautiful womanly scent! One of the perfumes that never fails to be noticed or to have multiple compliments. LoveLoveLove it.
This item is a great gift for this holiday christmas.


Nancy says


I purchased the Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so Fresh Eau de Toilette spray. I am so glad I got it from!!

One of my favorite perfumes! Has a sweet scent that is easy to like. I have never came across a person that doesn’t like it. I will continue to keep this on hand.

This perfume’s scent is incredibly fresh and contains fruity notes of grapefruit, raspberry and pear. It also has floral notes of violet, rose, and apple blossom. In my opinion, it would be a great birthday present and/or holiday gift/ Christmas Gifts.

Would I recommend this product to someone? Yes
AGE RANGE: young to old would appreciate this fragrance


Brittany says

"This is a wonderful fragrance and I always get compliments when I'm wearing it."

Beautiful, Timeless, Classy and magical masterpieces.

This is what the amber spice modern scents aspire to be. This is not a "statement" fragrance but a scent that achieves perfect balance without being bland/boring or losing personality.

This perfume makes me so happy and make me feel so magical. If we lived in the wizarding world just one spray of this perfume and your patronus be revealed for you.


Claire says

"Tried this today Dolce & Gabbana Perfume and instant love !!!"

Tried this today and instant love. It contains 2 of my favorite notes, Carnation and Ylang, so i am not surprised i love it. It reminds me of the other creamy carnation in my collection, Very rich and delicate something you can wear out or enjoy the glamour it provokes. Definitely something very beautiful.

I can wear this fragrance all year long. I cannot wait to see what responses I receive when I wear it.


Execula says

"Very unique/original!"

273 for Men is a very unique/original fragrance. It is so different from other fragrances, it's hard to describe. It can be worn either casually or formally. I remember purchasing this when it first came out in the 90s, and I'm still wearing it to this day (it does NOT smell dated at all). This fragrance is so nice and modern, it could have been released yesterday! It's perfect for a signature fragrance. I absolutely love it! A+!