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Before you Buy Sunglasses – Check Which Matches your Face Shape

Your wardrobe journey is incomplete without a pair of perfect and best-suited sunglasses. They not only glam-up your look but are also important to protect your vision from heat and dust.

Well, they surely are for all the fashion frenzies but are more than the fashion statement.

Here are Stylish Sunglasses to Look Audacious

  1. Chic Wayfarers - Squared shaped glasses with a curve on the lower portion. Add a lot of glint and spirit to your look. They offer full eye protection. Very convenient and stylish choice for trend-conscious people
  2. Classic Aviators - Aviators have an oval-shaped lens that narrows near the bridge of the nose. Has a top bar on the browline. They serve as cool and ritzy pair of shades. Golden frames are the best sellers. Pick this fashion statement that shall fit snugly on any face!
  3. Funky Clubmaster - Vibrant lens and sleek golden semi-frame of Clubmaster sunglass have a tinted lens that has semi-rim on the lower portion and a frame on the upper part.  This retro fashion icon is timelessly stylish.
  4. Sports Eyewear - This one provides you complete protection and sporty, streamlined look. Great for athletes as they have performance-enhancing lenses.
  5. Full-Rim Squared Sunglasses - Oversized big square-shaped glasses shield eyes from UV rays as the lens size is equal at all edges. Fits seamlessly on your nose. Make everyone go gaga with this pair. The colorful lenses with a full-rim funky frame.
  6. Retro Round Shape Sunglasses - It is full-rim with a plastic frame around and the lens is round in shape. A perfect polycarbonate frame and stylish lens provide complete eye protection.
  7. Glamorous Cat Eyes Sunglasses - They have upswept outer edges and are retro feminine sunglasses. These lavish pair of cat-eye sunglasses are great casual wear and soar up your fashion meter with glamour!
  8. Rectangular Shape Sunglasses - Just like the oversized square-shaped sunnies, rectangular shaped glasses are equal at all ends and are full-rimmed. Put on this and get ready to click some glitzy selfies with your girlfriends.
  9. Kicky Oversized Sunglasses - For all the beautiful ladies out there oversized sunglasses have cut-out detail on the outer edge of a full plastic frame. Frames like a square or rectangular shape look kicky that also provides protection from UV rays!
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